The Momentum Project 

I created the Momentum Project to redefine the exchange for my artwork.

I use my Color Writing paintings as currency in exchange for inspiration and momentum from the project's recipient-collaborators.

INSPIRATION: texts, readings, speeches, color preferences, meaningful Sarasota locations

MOMENTUM: 40-hour commitment to a personal or community project

A limited number of transactions are created each year. 

Paintings are available by two means: either through an invite from a current Momentum Project recipient-collaborator or through an open nomination call.

Invitations / nominations are opened when the Momentum Project fund reaches $3,000. The fund is replenished with artwork sales, grants, and donations.


Momentum Project: My project will be to create a self-guided “National Bike Month" (which is May) activity for the Friends of Myakka River, designed to connect folks (individuals, couples, friends, families) with nature and themselves. Been thinking about doing this, yes. But I like the idea (and challenge) of threading in the themes of hope and possibility, history, present and future. And color! And committing to do this for this commission will give me the impetus to keep pushing to make sure it will definitely happen (which, right now, is still up in the air tbh). 

Color preferences: pinks, purples, blues

Texts: Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with Animals Can Transform Our Lives―and Save Theirs

by Richard Louv


Moonbird : a year on the wind with the great survivor B95

By Phillip Hoose.

Location: Myakka River State Park


Momentum Project: We've just been accepted as volunteers for a nonprofit called Farms to Grow right here in our backyard in Oakland. It is an org dedicated to working with Black farmers and underserved farmers around the country. We're so excited to get started and wanted to thank you for thinking of us for this project and inspiring us to do more for our community.

Color preferences: turquoise, rust, mustard yellow, pink, lime green

Texts: Dune: I must not fear, fear is the mind-killer, Iris Apfel's Musings of a Geriatric Starlet

Location: Turtle Beach